Training Log: 09/02/2015 to 15/02/2015

I have been really lax about posting my training logs, but I haven’t been feeling guilty or anything. I suppose I just needed a little break from the blog/log/posting. Anyway, I had a really good week this week so now is as good as time as any to get back to it, right?!

Monday 9th February
No running today but I had a one hour workout with my trainer. I did a circuit of weights and cardio. It was good, really kept the heart rate up and I managed more weights than usual.

Wednesday 11th February
I’ve been running my shorter distances faster than ever and really feeling confident about my abilities lately. I’ve also had to switch back to evening running for a bit and I’m still not sure how I feel about that!
Distance: 3.1km
Time: 24:48

Thursday 12th February
Keeping up with the shorter, faster runs but pushed it a little further tonight.
Distance: 3.61k
Time: 29:14

Saturday 14th February
Planned a long run in the morning, was going to go 5 miles but I felt so great I ended up running further! I kept to a slower pace deliberately; I wasn’t trying to beat any records. Perfect weather for running too, cool but not cold, breezy but not windy, bright but not sunny. I also had my usual one hour workout with my trainer, concentrating on arms and core with weights and pilates.
Distance: 9.1km
Time: 1:16:04

All in all I count this as a very successful week! I accomplished what I wanted to do, pushed myself to do more and ended each day smiling for it.

Next week will be somewhat different. I am going to the Netherlands for the weekend to visit a friend. I will try to get a run in but won’t feel guilty if I don’t!


Training Log: 15/12/2014 to 21/12/2014

Crazy week for me so ended up running only twice instead of three times like I wanted. Still, I felt great for it particularly because I went for a run the morning after my work Christmas party. I think that counts for a few bonus points, right?

Monday 15th December
One hour workout with my personal trainer. Lots of weights and some tough pilates moves!

Wednesday 17th December
Short run this morning, felt great for having had the rest of a few days.
Distance: 3.07km
Time: 27:17

Saturday 20th December
My plan was to go for 8k but to also take it easy. I’d been out the night before and while I didn’t drink loads (and interspersed my drinks with plenty of water), I still got home quite late so didn’t get a lot of sleep. At around 6k I knew I was fading, so I ran a little bit further before turning around to run back home. I’m quite happy with it though, all things considered! Today was also my last workout of the year with my trainer (back in January!), he did a pre-Christmas assessment and some intense stretches for my legs.
Distance: 6.38km
Time: 55:05

I’m not sure what this next week is going to look like in terms of running.  I have plans to run, but it all depends on certain things, especially Christmas Day itself. I hope to run home from volunteering on the day but that will only happen if I have enough energy left! Still, I plan on bringing my gear and hoping I can get that run in.

Training Log: 08/12/2014 to 14/12/2014

I’ve been debating with myself whether I should keep trying to run 4 days a week or stick to 3 days a week. I have to be honest with myself and remind myself I’m not a lithe, fast, fit runner like most people. As healthy as I am, I’m still carrying all this weight around, and maybe I should run within my current limitations, while always focusing on making sure those limitations change (for the better!). It bears thinking about. I’m happy with my week though, I got some good distances in and two really good workouts with my trainer.

Monday 8th December
Managed my usual short run this morning but was still feeling tired, I was surprised I ran slightly faster than usual. Maybe I just wanted to get it over with?! Also had a one hour workout with my trainer, with some fast 2 minute jogs on the treadmill in between weight circuits.
Distance: 3.74km
Time: 32.13

Wednesday 10th December
My tracker app didn’t register this run, but I know my route and so it was well over 5k, I just don’t have the exact distance or time so this is approximate.
Distance: 5.?km
Time: 42?

Saturday 8th December
Went for a long run this morning, although it was a very slow and careful run due to frosty footpaths. I thought at 9.30am I would be safe but no such luck! I ran into a local park and then it was easier because I could run on the grass. (Thanks to some advice from twitter runners!) Still, it was a lot slower than my usual time but better safe than sorry! Also had a one hour workout with my trainer, doing a lot of weight lifting with the arms.
Distance: 8.1k
Time: 1:10:05

For the coming week I’m going to take each day as it comes and see how I feel. The last thing I want to do is overdo it, and I have to remember that I am not in the same league as most of the runners I know here and on twitter.  There are runners I know who think a 26 minute 5k is a terrible time and there I am celebrating a sub-40 5k.  Which of course is a great achievement for someone like me, and of course I am not comparing myself to others.  Which is why, I shouldn’t try to train like them too, right? But while I’m not in the same league as these runners, of course, I have high hopes that one day, I WILL be!

Training Log: 01/12/2014 to 07/12/2014

After last week’s very productive week of running/working out, I had a less active week due to feeling run down and ill.  I think I have discovered the reason; that is I stopped taking my iron supplement a few weeks ago because I was feeling great and thought I didn’t need it.  It would appear that I do, however so I’m back on and hoping to be back to my usual self soon! I didn’t mind not running so much this week as I had a 5k race on Saturday so the rest did me good anyway.

Monday 1st December
No running this morning but I did a one hour workout with my trainer, lots of weights and some time on the treadmill and bike.

Tuesday 2nd December
4k run this morning, bit slower than usual but understandable given how low I’ve been feeling.
Distance: 4.05km
Time: 35:17

Saturday 6th December
Ran a 5k race today but did it for the fun of running and wasn’t worried about my time or getting a PB.  Afterwards I went for a one hour workout with my trainer, doing a lot of abs/core work and some time on the spinning bike.
Distance: 5k + 8.5 (spinning)
Time: 39:42 + 15:0 (spinning)

I have to say I’m feeling better for the rest and ready to tackle another week of running. I have no intentions of letting my running slide over the holidays!

Training Log: 24/11/2014 to 30/11/2014

Not a bad week considering all the running and activity I was doing!

Monday 24th November
Monday’s are my short/slow runs because I also have a one hour workout with my trainer the same day; today was weights and the first time I managed to complete all the reps of all the sets. Yay!
Distance: 3.08km
Time: 26:44

Tuesday 25th November
Tuesdays will be a longer run, 6k for now…simply because I can!
Distance: 6.20km
Time: 52:45

Thursday 27th November
During the week I decided to try for an 8k run on Saturday, so today instead of the planned 6k I went 4.
Distance: 4.05km
Time: 34:45

Saturday 15th November
I learned a lot from today’s run, about how I want to prepare myself for a ‘long run’ and what not to do! Still ended up running 5 miles in a good time, except that I did have to stop and rest a couple of times. Very happy with myself for doing it though! It can only get better from here! In addition to my run I did a one-hour workout with my trainer, concentrating on weights.
Distance: 8.02k
Time: 1:07:46

With a total mileage of 21k, it was a good week all around, I’m really pleased with my progress…long may it continue!

Training Log: 17/11/2014 to 23/11/2014

This week was an interesting one because I was trying to run 6k but kept messing up my route and getting my distances wrong. Very frustrating but ultimately ended well!

Monday 17th November
Today was a recovery run so I kept it short and slow.  I also had a one hour workout with my trainer, doing weights and pilates.
Distance: 3.15km
Time: 26:49

Wednesday 19th November
Today I wanted to try for 6km. I thought I knew my usual route well enough to hit my target, so I was very surprised and disappointed that I hadn’t. I was also a lot slower than usual but that wasn’t on purpose. I guess I was still in recovery mode!
Distance: 5.48km
Time: 47:43

Friday 21st November
Trying for 6km again, I accidentally ran further! I also ran faster, and ended up with a negative split! All this on about an hours sleep as I’d had insomnia the night before!
Distance: 6.48km
Time: 54:53

Saturday 15th November
A lot of walking around today as I was quite busy, but I don’t count that towards my training log. I did have a one hour workout with my trainer, doing 45 minutes weights and pilates and 10 minutes spinning.
Distance: 6k (spinning)
Time: 10:06 (spinning

My plan for the next few weeks is to keep fit for the Donore Harriers Jingle Bell 5k in December, and to keep working towards my distance and time goals.

Training Log: 10/11/2014 to 16/11/2014

This week was one of the highlight weeks of my year! Running a sub-40 5k was a big achievement for me and I am still beaming for the joy of it!

Monday 10th November
A planned 5k for me today, last one before my race on Saturday. I felt good, strong and energetic but I still ran it fairly slowly. I admit this was NOT a boost to my confidence for Saturday’s race and my target time!
Distance: 5.10km
Time: 44.50

Wednesday 12th November
Last run before Saturday’s race. A slow and easy 3k.
Distance: 3.37km
Time: 28:45

Thursday 13th November
One hour workout, weights (upper body/arms) and core work. No spinning as I wanted to save the legs for Saturday.

Saturday 15th November
A very busy day in terms of activity! The highlight was the race, and running it in my target time (race report here)! I then walked home from the race and also had a one hour workout with my trainer (45 minutes weights/core + spinning).
Distance: 5km + 5km (walk) + 6k (spinning)
Time: 38.29 (PB!) + 50 mins (approx) + 10mins

Next week: recovery and trying out some advice on running a faster pace!

Training Log: 3/11/2014 to 9/11/2014

This was a kind of up and down week for me but in the end all is well and I feel good!

Monday 3rd November
After a fantastic rest day on Sunday I was ready to start the week with another early morning run! Felt myself lagging a bit and noticed my hamstring feeling a bit strained so, it was a bit of a struggle!
Distance: 5.08km
Time: 44.20

Wednesday 5th November
Nothing special about today, although I went for a shorter run as I felt I was overdoing it a bit lately. I’ve been foam rolling and stretching though.
Distance: 3.11km
Time: 27:42

Friday 7th November
Back to 5km today which felt really good.  I also went for a 4k walk afterwards! (long story!). Hamstrings seem fine, thankfully!
Distance: 5.12km + 3.97km (walk)
Time: 43:08 + 42.50

Saturday 8th November
35 minute spinning session + 20 minutes abs workout.
Distance: 18.4km (spinning)
Time: 35:56

Training Log: 27/10/2014 to 01/11/2014

This was a really brilliant week for my running and motivation.  I watched and cheered at the Dublin Marathon, and also ran a 5 mile PB.  All the activity this week was a real boost to my confidence and determination!

Monday 27th October
Today was the Dublin Marathon, and I ended up walking over 10km as I cheered at various spots around the city. With the walking and standing I was on my feet for over 7 hours, but it was worth it as the buzz from the race was amazing! It’s always such a inspiration to cheer at the marathon!
Distance: 10.1km
Time: 2.30.00

Tuesday 28th October
I wasn’t planning to run this morning, after the day of walking and standing previously. But I was in such a good mood and woke up early anyway, I thought what the hey!
Distance: 5.02km
Time: 44.25

Thursday 30th October
Another early morning run, nothing special to report. A little slower than usual though.
Distance: 5.33km
Time: 46.43

Saturday 1st November
Long run today, planned for 8km. Up early to fuel and hydrate, out the door early. Ended up PB’ing my 5 mile time by 3.06 minutes, and ran my first ever negative split.
Distance: 8.03km
Time: 1:08:06

Also, did a one hour workout, doing pilates and light weight lifting focusing on my arms and back.