Training Log: 3/11/2014 to 9/11/2014

This was a kind of up and down week for me but in the end all is well and I feel good!

Monday 3rd November
After a fantastic rest day on Sunday I was ready to start the week with another early morning run! Felt myself lagging a bit and noticed my hamstring feeling a bit strained so, it was a bit of a struggle!
Distance: 5.08km
Time: 44.20

Wednesday 5th November
Nothing special about today, although I went for a shorter run as I felt I was overdoing it a bit lately. I’ve been foam rolling and stretching though.
Distance: 3.11km
Time: 27:42

Friday 7th November
Back to 5km today which felt really good.  I also went for a 4k walk afterwards! (long story!). Hamstrings seem fine, thankfully!
Distance: 5.12km + 3.97km (walk)
Time: 43:08 + 42.50

Saturday 8th November
35 minute spinning session + 20 minutes abs workout.
Distance: 18.4km (spinning)
Time: 35:56


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