Training Log: 01/12/2014 to 07/12/2014

After last week’s very productive week of running/working out, I had a less active week due to feeling run down and ill.  I think I have discovered the reason; that is I stopped taking my iron supplement a few weeks ago because I was feeling great and thought I didn’t need it.  It would appear that I do, however so I’m back on and hoping to be back to my usual self soon! I didn’t mind not running so much this week as I had a 5k race on Saturday so the rest did me good anyway.

Monday 1st December
No running this morning but I did a one hour workout with my trainer, lots of weights and some time on the treadmill and bike.

Tuesday 2nd December
4k run this morning, bit slower than usual but understandable given how low I’ve been feeling.
Distance: 4.05km
Time: 35:17

Saturday 6th December
Ran a 5k race today but did it for the fun of running and wasn’t worried about my time or getting a PB.  Afterwards I went for a one hour workout with my trainer, doing a lot of abs/core work and some time on the spinning bike.
Distance: 5k + 8.5 (spinning)
Time: 39:42 + 15:0 (spinning)

I have to say I’m feeling better for the rest and ready to tackle another week of running. I have no intentions of letting my running slide over the holidays!


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