Training Log: 27/10/2014 to 01/11/2014

This was a really brilliant week for my running and motivation.  I watched and cheered at the Dublin Marathon, and also ran a 5 mile PB.  All the activity this week was a real boost to my confidence and determination!

Monday 27th October
Today was the Dublin Marathon, and I ended up walking over 10km as I cheered at various spots around the city. With the walking and standing I was on my feet for over 7 hours, but it was worth it as the buzz from the race was amazing! It’s always such a inspiration to cheer at the marathon!
Distance: 10.1km
Time: 2.30.00

Tuesday 28th October
I wasn’t planning to run this morning, after the day of walking and standing previously. But I was in such a good mood and woke up early anyway, I thought what the hey!
Distance: 5.02km
Time: 44.25

Thursday 30th October
Another early morning run, nothing special to report. A little slower than usual though.
Distance: 5.33km
Time: 46.43

Saturday 1st November
Long run today, planned for 8km. Up early to fuel and hydrate, out the door early. Ended up PB’ing my 5 mile time by 3.06 minutes, and ran my first ever negative split.
Distance: 8.03km
Time: 1:08:06

Also, did a one hour workout, doing pilates and light weight lifting focusing on my arms and back.


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