Training Log: 24/11/2014 to 30/11/2014

Not a bad week considering all the running and activity I was doing!

Monday 24th November
Monday’s are my short/slow runs because I also have a one hour workout with my trainer the same day; today was weights and the first time I managed to complete all the reps of all the sets. Yay!
Distance: 3.08km
Time: 26:44

Tuesday 25th November
Tuesdays will be a longer run, 6k for now…simply because I can!
Distance: 6.20km
Time: 52:45

Thursday 27th November
During the week I decided to try for an 8k run on Saturday, so today instead of the planned 6k I went 4.
Distance: 4.05km
Time: 34:45

Saturday 15th November
I learned a lot from today’s run, about how I want to prepare myself for a ‘long run’ and what not to do! Still ended up running 5 miles in a good time, except that I did have to stop and rest a couple of times. Very happy with myself for doing it though! It can only get better from here! In addition to my run I did a one-hour workout with my trainer, concentrating on weights.
Distance: 8.02k
Time: 1:07:46

With a total mileage of 21k, it was a good week all around, I’m really pleased with my progress…long may it continue!


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