Training Log: 17/11/2014 to 23/11/2014

This week was an interesting one because I was trying to run 6k but kept messing up my route and getting my distances wrong. Very frustrating but ultimately ended well!

Monday 17th November
Today was a recovery run so I kept it short and slow.  I also had a one hour workout with my trainer, doing weights and pilates.
Distance: 3.15km
Time: 26:49

Wednesday 19th November
Today I wanted to try for 6km. I thought I knew my usual route well enough to hit my target, so I was very surprised and disappointed that I hadn’t. I was also a lot slower than usual but that wasn’t on purpose. I guess I was still in recovery mode!
Distance: 5.48km
Time: 47:43

Friday 21st November
Trying for 6km again, I accidentally ran further! I also ran faster, and ended up with a negative split! All this on about an hours sleep as I’d had insomnia the night before!
Distance: 6.48km
Time: 54:53

Saturday 15th November
A lot of walking around today as I was quite busy, but I don’t count that towards my training log. I did have a one hour workout with my trainer, doing 45 minutes weights and pilates and 10 minutes spinning.
Distance: 6k (spinning)
Time: 10:06 (spinning

My plan for the next few weeks is to keep fit for the Donore Harriers Jingle Bell 5k in December, and to keep working towards my distance and time goals.


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