Training Log: 10/11/2014 to 16/11/2014

This week was one of the highlight weeks of my year! Running a sub-40 5k was a big achievement for me and I am still beaming for the joy of it!

Monday 10th November
A planned 5k for me today, last one before my race on Saturday. I felt good, strong and energetic but I still ran it fairly slowly. I admit this was NOT a boost to my confidence for Saturday’s race and my target time!
Distance: 5.10km
Time: 44.50

Wednesday 12th November
Last run before Saturday’s race. A slow and easy 3k.
Distance: 3.37km
Time: 28:45

Thursday 13th November
One hour workout, weights (upper body/arms) and core work. No spinning as I wanted to save the legs for Saturday.

Saturday 15th November
A very busy day in terms of activity! The highlight was the race, and running it in my target time (race report here)! I then walked home from the race and also had a one hour workout with my trainer (45 minutes weights/core + spinning).
Distance: 5km + 5km (walk) + 6k (spinning)
Time: 38.29 (PB!) + 50 mins (approx) + 10mins

Next week: recovery and trying out some advice on running a faster pace!


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