Eliud Kipchoge made me cry

I haven’t been running in a very long time, my last post talks about that and I might write an update soon. I still follow the sport though; I watch marathons and documentaries and videos about runners and running.

And of course, I follow Eliud Kipchoge. The most amazing runner on the planet.

Eliud is pure grace, both on and off the course. He runs at speeds most runner only dream of, and he makes it look effortless the entire way.

I watched his first sub-2 hour marathon distance attempt with awe, captivated by his form, the way his face stayed so still despite how hard he was working, the grace with which he crossed the finish line, so very close to the sub-2 goal.

Eliud carries that grace off the course, with a humbleness that is also effortless. He is a very rich man but it seems those aren’t the riches that interest him. It’s his life that is rich, with his wife and children, his fellow runners and his training.

For me, Eliud Kipchoge is one of those rare people – the right soul, born in the right body and the right time and in the right place.

When he finally broke the sub-2 marathon distance, I was so happy for him. Of course he was going to do it but the magnitude of his achievement was still stunning.

I watched a documentary about it recently and this is when Eliud Kipchoge made me cry. I watched him cross that finish line, breaking the 2 hour barrier, and celebrating with his wife, children and team mates. I was full of pride and joy for him, the tears just came. To dream of something for years, to train for and attempt and go back to the drawing board, to keep dreaming and attempt it again – and to succeed – to have it all play out under the scrutiny of sponsors and cameras…and to do it all with such grace and humility….of course I cried.

My own dream, or one of them at least, is to spectate at a race where Eliud is running. To see him running, in person, would be an amazing experience. I’d just better hope I don’t blink at the wrong time….I could miss him altogether!


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