Y’all ready for this? Um..no.

By the way…I have a race this Saturday which I’m so unprepared for! It’s the Dublin Simon 5 mile Fun Run and unfortunately I’m not really feeling capable of running 5 miles right now.  But, I’m feeling pretty positive about the race too, I’m not worried or nervous or anything. It did kinda creep up on me though! Time flies, right?

Between holidays and injury I had a real set back in my running times/distances.  So far I’ve been doing 3 to 3.5 k runs, and feeling pretty comfortable doing that. But I really only had two weeks to prepare for this race and I didn’t want to overdo it, so I stuck with the 3ks.

I know I’ll have to walk part of the race on Saturday, and I’m not expecting to beat my previous 5 mile time at all (that’s a personal goal I set each race, to beat my previous time) but I think I’m just going to go, do what I can and enjoy the atmosphere.  I’m lucky this is a ‘fun run’ because it sounds like there will be a lot of fun going on! I think I need some of that as we’re heading into autumn/winter.

So despite being unprepared I really am looking forward to the race.

Wish me luck in the comments below and I’ll post a race report as soon as I can!



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