Who am I and what have I done with myself?!

You may not remember my post from a long while back about why I run in the evenings. Nothing has really changed since then. I still don’t sleep well, I still have more energy in the evenings and I still enjoy letting go of my workday stress with an evening run.

But this week I did an experiment of sorts.  I went running at 6.30 in the morning. Twice!

I know! It’s crazy right? A staunch ‘I’m an evening runner’ turns into a morning runner? For no reason?

Well actually, I have a few reasons I’m trying to get some morning runs in.

1. For the discipline.  Maybe you’ve guessed this about me but I like being disciplined and exerting my will power. So this just seemed like a natural step.

2. To get it out of the way. Especially now that winter is coming. Personally I don’t like winter at all.  The lack of sunlight and the long, cold, dark nights (while providing the perfect cover) really depress me and running in the morning before work means I can slink home after work and hide from the dark. I think I’ll be a lot happier that way.  So again, it makes perfect sense.

3. To avoid people. It’s quite nice running on footpaths that aren’t full of pedestrians, cyclists and tourists; you get a long clear stretch ahead of you with no obstacles and you can really focus on your running. Also, those roving gangs of kids with nothing better to do than taunt passersby are all still in bed. Bonus!

Getting up in the morning isn’t easy, especially when it’s all my decision and there’s no urgency to get up at all.  I’ve had to rely on some tips from my fellow runners on twitter; things like remembering that I’ll never regret a run, or that the moment I think ‘5 more minutes’ is the moment it all hinges on, or how it helps to have all my gear ready beside the bed. Stuff like that is all helpful so I’m feeling pretty confident about my winter running plan!

My goal is to run in the mornings at least twice a week, and get an evening run in once a week.  I have a number of races coming up I need to train for so now that I’m not injured anymore, I have got to step up the training! I’m not at all ready for my 5 mile race next week so I’ll have to walk/run it. But the November race I’ve signed up for, I really need to push myself to get ready for it. More on that in another blog post!

Are you a morning or evening runner? How do you get yourself out the door, whatever time you run at? I’d love to know so feel free to leave a comment below 😀


5 thoughts on “Who am I and what have I done with myself?!

  1. Well done on switching it up! I am an evening runner (when I run) but I am contemplating trying a couple of mornings to get it over with early on and that way I don’t have to have a mental argument with myself after work.

    1. Thanks! It’s a big switch for me, considering how adamant I was about running in the evenings! I think I’ll do a combination of both. For the winter, I definitely like the idea of getting home after work and not having to go out again!

  2. I always run in the morning, but not early, only after I’ve got everyone else out to work and school (the advantages of working from home!) However back in the summer I was having trouble sleeping, and one morning I gave up, got up, and ran. It was early, it was quiet, it was wonderful. Most of the time though, sleep is too previous!

    1. I know what you mean! 😀 I normally fight to stay asleep because it’s so rare for me. So to get up deliberately has been a real challenge! But so worth it for the empty footpaths and quietness. I’ve found so far that it’s been worth it.

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