Why it’s Dr Jekyll who drags me down

I think I should explain why Dr. Jekyll is my negative voice and Mr. Hyde the positive one when it seems like it should be the other way around. (See my latest race report for context).

Personally, I’ve always thought Jekyll was the jerk. He was too ashamed of himself to be himself and created Hyde so he could literally get away with murder. In my mind, Jekyll is not a nice guy. Hyde, on the other hand, knew who he was and did what he did and didn’t let anything stop him or hold him back. Ok, in the story he did awful things but I always remember that he only did them because they were what Jekyll secretly wanted to do but didn’t have the guts to do.

So for me, my negative voice is Jekyll and the positive voice is Hyde. I might be the only person this makes sense to but there you have it!


Placebo, London, running and happiness headaches!

That was one of my last tweets from London, where I just spent two days having the time of my life.

You probably (if you follow me on twitter) know that Tuesday was devoted to seeing my favourite band, Placebo, play at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith.  I had an amazing time, both in the queue before the gig and at the gig itself.  It was unforgettable and epic and awesome! Of the few photos I took of the gig, this one is my favourite:


But, as this is a running blog, I’m not going to go on and on about Placebo and the gig (even though I could, just ask my friends!).  It’s the second day I spent in London that’s relevant here; on Wednesday I became a running tourist for a day.

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Is there such a thing as runner’s paranoia?!

Have you ever stood on a train platform, waiting for a train (obviously!) and had a fleeting thought or fear that someone might push you onto the track when the train arrives? Well, I get thoughts like that sometimes; little thoughts that come from nowhere about random people at random times.  It’s happening when I run now, so I thought I would ask the question and see what other runners think.  It would be reassuring to know it happens to others too!

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Music is my delight…and my running fuel!

I’m a girl who loves music and isn’t terribly fond of silence.  I always have music playing when I can, either from my mp3 player or my computer, or even just in my head when I’m at work and we’re not allowed a radio.  I adore music but I also have to admit I’m not that smart at  knowing who is who or who sang what.  I don’t read music magazines or know about obscure bands or indie tunes.  I don’t even listen to the radio so I’m really not up with current stuff (I don’t have a television either).

I just know that I like what I like!

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Imagine that? No thanks!

I’ve heard that a tip for success is to visualize success.  But what happens when your brain just won’t cooperate? You get some awfully funny imaginary moments!

With the imagination I have (read: active & vivid), I’ve learned NOT to visualize for success.  Because in my brain, anything that can go wrong, does go wrong! Especially when it comes to running!

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