Music is my delight…and my running fuel!

I’m a girl who loves music and isn’t terribly fond of silence.  I always have music playing when I can, either from my mp3 player or my computer, or even just in my head when I’m at work and we’re not allowed a radio.  I adore music but I also have to admit I’m not that smart at  knowing who is who or who sang what.  I don’t read music magazines or know about obscure bands or indie tunes.  I don’t even listen to the radio so I’m really not up with current stuff (I don’t have a television either).

I just know that I like what I like!

When it comes to music, my taste is eclectic.  My library contains classical music, rock, pop, Latin American, German metal, movie soundtracks, musicals soundtracks, Christian, A cappella, Gregorian chants, dance/techno and a few country & western tunes thrown in for good measure.  I meant what I said…when I like a song, I like a song!  I have playlists for different moods and occasions, so I’m never stuck for something to listen to.

So when I started running, it seemed natural to me to run with music.   At first, I just used my ‘favourites’  playlist that currently lives on my mp3 player, but some of the songs weren’t suitable for running to so eventually I came up with my own running playlist.

Most of the songs I run to are epic scores from movie soundtracks.  The sweeping score, the persistent percussion, the elevated emotion…this epic music moves me, literally!  Some of the best scores come from superhero/comic book films. A lot of the modern composers have some truly epic stuff.  Trevor Jones, John Williams, Henry Jackman, Jerry Goldsmith, Klaus Badelt and I could go on and on!  Audiomachine produce some brilliant tracks, and I’ve just discovered Two Steps From Hell, who also have some really good epic music.

I also like running to good dance tracks, the beats particularly keep me going (especially when I’m headed uphill at the end of my run!). Ministry of Sound’s @TheRunningBug album is a good mix of songs to run to.  Dance music or trance music, anything with a beat works for me.  It’s the beat that keeps my feet moving, my heart pumping and me smiling.

Music really is my delight, and I’m delighted I’ve found good music I can run to.  However, I could always use some good recommendations for music, for running OR for simply enjoying!  If you have any favourites or recommendations, please share them in the comments below!


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