100km to inspiration

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’m a fan of @100kmtoBrighton. They are two guys who are training for a 100km run, more specifically from London to Brighton.  Yeah, you read that right: 100km.  Wow.  If you haven’t listened to their podcasts I highly recommend them.  ASD & Si are really fun, friendly, down-to-earth guys, and what they are trying to accomplish is really inspiring.

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This is my montage

A long time ago I noticed that certain kinds of films usually had one thing in common.  Instantly recognizable, it plays a major part in nearly every movie involving a quest, contest or competition.  I think you know what I’m talking about already.

The montage.

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Running after not running

Last night I went for a run for the first time in 3 weeks.  It was awful and awesome at the same time.  I did find it hard going, particularly because it was very windy and I was running against the wind for most of my run.  But I have missed running so much that it still felt awesome to be moving at my (admittedly slow pace) over my usual running route.  I never set out to go three weeks without running, it was just a series of random things happening all in a row that stopped me.

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Decisions, decisions…

A couple of weeks ago, just after my second 5k race, I was toying with the idea of signing up for a 5 mile race in January.  That’s 8k…a distance I have never run nor tried to run.  I asked around on twitter and I was told it’s doable, I would just have to work on my distance for the 6 weeks leading up to the race.  Essentially, I would have to add 500m to my run each week.

Believe me, I was seriously, truly, really, honestly considering it.  My only concern was, am I trying to do too much, too soon? I’ve only just been able to run 5k, are my expectations just a wee bit high maybe?  As I was considering it I was wavering more towards actually doing it, than not.

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Why hello there, Mr. Elephant!

Let’s address the proverbial elephant in the room…my weight.  It’s pretty obvious from my twitter and blog name that I’m overweight.  As I said in my first ever blog post, I really am fat.  And I’m not using the word ‘fat’ as a derogatory term either.  It’s just that ‘This fat girl runs’ is an easier mouthful than ‘this overweight girl runs’.  The thing is, as an overweight runner I know the two things are NOT mutually exclusive.  This is, of course, mostly contrary to popular belief.

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Now that you ran a 5k, what’s next, Fat Girl?

Good question, I’m glad you asked! I have a few things in mind to round out 2013.  Since I started running the last few months have been so unexpectedly crazy and awesome, but have ultimately led to my having a self-confidence I’ve never had before, and never imagined I could have!

I’d like to end the year on the same note! So, my plan for the next month and a bit is:

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What’s the big deal about running?

One day I had an epiphany.  And just like that, I started running.

Ok, it wasn’t quite as simple as that.  I didn’t pull off a marathon my first night running! But I’ll tell you, when I got home from my run that night, I felt like I was on top of the world. Sure I only managed a hundred meters or so before having to walk again, and it took me a while before I could do another run interval, but it was still awesome! I was running!

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3km worth of confidence

I’m not a self-confident person. At all. I have difficulty believing or thinking good things about myself, in fact I feel guilty when I do because when I think something nice about myself it feels like a lie. In my head I negate every achievement or compliment by downplaying it or making excuses for it. As I get older I’ve been getting better at being kinder to myself, although it’s still a struggle.

Except when it comes to running.

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