This fat girl also blogs

You should know that I’m fat.  As if my blog title doesn’t give me away!  But honestly, I’m really fat.  I mean, I’m not a skinny girl bemoaning a few added pounds here and there; I really am a fat girl.

I’m 5’7” and today I weigh 231lbs (16.5 stone or 104.8kilos).  See?  I told you I’m fat.

I’m fat.  And I also run.  Hence the blog, the idea of which is hopefully making more sense to you.  I have been tweeting about my running since I went for my first ever run (July 22nd 2013 if you must know) but I decided I want a place where I can be more detailed with my thoughts and experiences.  So this fat girl not only runs, but she blogs too.

I’ve actually tried blogging before, about something else entirely.  I got so caught up in trying to sound witty and clever that I ended up sounding pretentious and dull. So this blog will be more honest and ‘off the cuff’ than the other blog (which I deleted, and which no one ever read anyway!).

I’m not planning regular posts here either, just whenever I think of it and whenever I have something to say that can’t be crammed into a tweet.

I hope you enjoy my blog! Follow me here, and on twitter if you like.  Comment too, if you wish, but do be polite please!

Take care, see you next post!


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