Fix yer nips!

Last year, while cheering at the Dublin Marathon, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. I’ve been thinking about it all year long and next week I’ll finally get to make that idea a reality.

At the 2016 marathon, I was standing just before mile 13, handing out gels and giving high fives when I started noticing how many men were running with blood on their shirts. I wished then I had plasters and vaseline for them and that’s when my idea for a marathon nipple stop was born.

This year I will be bringing my ‘Fix yer nips!’ station to the Phoenix Park. I’ll have plasters, vaseline, wet wipes and other assorted items to help runners suffering from chafing. It’s not a first aid station but a ‘help yourself to what you need’ station for the men and women running the marathon, Nipples, thighs, feet, whatever is chafing, cracked or bleeding, I’ll have what you need to sort it out (or prevent it, if you’re not feeling it yet!)

Brilliant, right?! I am so excited!

If you’re running the marathon next Sunday I wish all the best of luck and good weather on the day. Rain or shine, I will be in the Phoenix Park on Chesterfield Avenue, on the stretch between the zoo and Aras on Uachtarain (between mile 4 and 5). I’ll be on the left hand side, wearing a blue ‘Fix Yer Nips!’ t-shirt, with big signs* and hopefully balloons so you can’t miss me.


A big thank you to Ash of Run Logic for loving my idea so much and printing my t-shirt and signs!

*Cat not included



2 thoughts on “Fix yer nips!

    1. Sorry for the late reply! The station was a big hit and I nearly ran out of Vaseline! I gave out loads of plasters, and I got a lot of cheers from runners. I will be doing it again next year for sure!

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