Making a list…checking it twice

So earlier in the week I posted this photo on twitter.

There seems to be a bit of interest in it so I thought I’d post the full thing here and explain a few things here and there. It will also help me clarify things for myself, and it may prompt me to remember something else I’ll need to add!


  • Top up Leap card (for getting to the expo on Saturday to collect my number)
  • Laundry (race kit)
  • ID + registration letter in bag (won’t get my race number without these!)
  • Check bus times for Saturday morning

Saturday  (Morning + Expo) 

  • Double check ID + letter in bag (because of course!)
  • Collect number and bag
  • High 5 stand (hope they have the Berry isogels!)

Saturday (Afternoon + Home)

  • Shop for hoodie (to keep me warm before the race, can be discarded. All discarded start line clothing is donated to charity).
  • Find stickers or some way of putting name on race shirt
  • Make grocery list for Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
  • Get groceries in
  • ATM for cash for Monday (taxis + pub)
  • Text race number to friends who asked for it
  • CLOCKS BACK 1 HOUR (Luckily I’ve been running all my LSRs at 8:30am. I wish I could say I’d planned it but…I just lucked out!)


  • Make flapjacks (for post-race)
  • Paint nails (yes, I’m doing my nails to match my race outfit :D)
  • Charge Garmin / Clear Garmin memory
  • Book taxi for Monday morning
  • Set alarms, lots of alarms! (to make sure I wake up on time!)
  • Pin number/name to shirt
  • Pack fuel belt
  • Chop Clif bars
  • Get mile 18 supplies ready and give to MG (a friend of mine will be supporting me on the course. YAY!!)
  • Pack post-race bag
  • Attach baggage label to bag
  • 4 pm: dinner
  • 7 pm: light supper/snack


  • 7am : Up to make breakfast, eat by 7:30
  • Loo
  • Dress
  • Loo
  • Put on fuel belt
  • Loo
  • Grab post-race bag
  • Loo
  • Taxi to start area for 8:30 arrival
  • Bag drop, loo, traditional photo
  • 9.20am Run a marathon
  • Breathe, breathe,believe

I think that’s a pretty comprehensive list! What am I packing in my fuel belt and post-race bag? Enough, I hope!

Fuel Belt

  • Gels x 5
  • Clif bar x 2 (chopped into quarters)
  • Tissues
  • Lip balm

Post Race Bag

  • Extra arm sleeves (I’m wearing arm sleeves for the marathon as long as it’s cold and I need them. I’ll want extra, clean ones for afterwards!)
  • Warm hoodie/jacket
  • Towel
  • Face wipes
  • Money for pub and taxi home
  • Flapjacks (get in my belly!)
  • Socks (clean and dry…bliss!)
  • Shoes (in case my marathon shoes get wet or anything)
  • Water

Well, what do you think? Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Making a list…checking it twice

  1. Arm sleeves. Such a good idea. I looked for them ages ago then kind of forgot. Gloves will have to do… (not great for opening gels, though… ) Maybe there will be some at the expo?? Glad you’ve scheduled loo time!!

  2. Great post. No mention of vaseline though…? Essential given we are going to get wet. Good luck, enjoy!

  3. great post. Tweeted you my suggestion of dry underwear for post race. Was really glad had them after mini marathon as got soaked in rain and sweat and really chilled me til I got a chance to change

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