One year a runner

A year. I’ve been a runner for a year. I can’t even express how wonderful it feels to be able to say that!

One year ago today I stepped outside my front door and went running for the first time. I had no idea what running would do for me, and how things in my life would change.

In the last year I went from running 100 or so metres at a time to running full 5ks in 40 minutes. I can walk/jog for 5 miles and I have even finished a 10k race.

Over the last year I ran in 6 races, finished each one and am always looking out for another race to run.

In the past year I have gained over 1450 followers on twitter (and it always humbles and amazes me when I see that!).

I started this running blog and began reading other running blogs for fun.

I’ve taken my fitness up a level and hired a personal trainer.

I am happier, and more confident in myself.

A year ago today I went running for the first time. I had no idea what a difference it would make in my life. I didn’t expect my twitter to take off, and I certainly hadn’t planned on starting a running blog; I just wanted to see if I could run and if I would enjoy it.

It’s been an amazing year of challenge, self-discovery and personal bests. It’s been a fun year of tweeting, chatting and getting to know other runners online. It’s been an eye-opening year of learning technical things, trying different routes and distances. It’s been a great year of talking with my fellow runners at work. It’s been a fantastic year of racing, getting medals and aiming for faster race times.

A lot can happen in a year. I’m thankful for everything that has happened in my last year of running. Even the bad has taught me new things, like how to care for an injury, and how to persevere in crazy weather conditions!

I have gained so much, my life is so much richer for what running has brought to me. I am a better person for running. I am a better person for having twitter friends and supporters, blog followers and blogs I’m following.

Today I am one year a runner and more grateful than I can express that I took that step of courage and went for a run that summer evening. I don’t think I’ll forget that night, because remembering it helps me celebrate how far I’ve come.

Thinking back over the past year makes me really excited for the year ahead and what it might bring.

Here’s to running and many more years of it to come! Cheers!


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