A 5 mile milestone!

Approximately 4 and a half days from now I’ll be running the Terenure 5 mile road race.  My first 5 mile race.  It’s also my last long run before I run a mini-marathon in June. I’ve run 5 miles before or 8k as I prefer to think of it.  In fact, I’ve run longer than that. So 5 miles isn’t impossible, not for me!

But, I’m still a bit nervous about this 5 mile race.  I’m also a lot excited.

It was someone else’s brilliant idea that I should enter a race before my mini-marathon, and it IS a brilliant idea.  I’m really looking forward to this race, even though there are a few little things I’m nervous about.

Firstly, I’m not entirely sure of the course as I’ve never been to this area of town before and secondly, the course is slightly confusing to me as it’s a loop within a loop.  But as someone pointed out, there will be people there to show me the way so I’m hardly likely to head off down the wrong loop and finish too early!

But I’m also excited about some things too.  I love that the course is flat, no pesky hills to worry about! This will be a luxury for me considering the hill I have to run every time I want to get home from my training!

The race itself seems really well organized and the goodies are really fabulous.  There’s no race medal but there are T-shirts, spot prizes and water and refreshments afterwards plus a professional photo finish and professional chip timing. And apparently, for the first year ever, there will be pacers running 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 minute races.

(About that. Yeaaaaah…I’m not going to run with a pacer.  I’m currently running 9k’s at about 1 hour 20 minutes.  I’m not expecting to come in under an hour.  Those pacers will be long gone before I’m even getting started!)

But, as I said to a friend of mine, even if I’m the last person on the course, I WILL finish!

So while I’m nervous about running in a crowd (I’m not good in crowds on my best days even), and about running an unfamiliar course; I’m also really excited to get another race under my belt, especially because it’s another milestone, another first.

Keep your eyes out for my race report, and wish me luck in the comments below! 😀


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