High Fives all around! Raheny 5 race report!

Yesterday I ran my 10th ever race, the AXA Raheny 5 mile road race.  It has been one of my more enjoyable races to date and was both challenging and fun.

Going into the race I wasn’t feeling too confident, having been sick again over the Christmas holiday and having run far less than I planned in the first couple of weeks of January, I was questioning my level of fitness and whether or not I could run the whole thing.  I never once thought of not running this race though, just wasn’t sure what my race strategy would be.

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Running to the voice in my head; Terenure 5 mile race

A wise person once said “The voice you listen to creates the reality you live in”.  I never felt the truth of those words as much as I did today.

This morning I ran the Terenure 5 mile race.  I finished with a chip time of 1:13:12.  All in all I’m pretty happy with my run, even though I was hoping to finish in 1:10:00.  It definitely wasn’t the slowest long run I’ve ever done, so progress is progress!

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A 5 mile milestone!

Approximately 4 and a half days from now I’ll be running the Terenure 5 mile road race.  My first 5 mile race.  It’s also my last long run before I run a mini-marathon in June. I’ve run 5 miles before or 8k as I prefer to think of it.  In fact, I’ve run longer than that. So 5 miles isn’t impossible, not for me!

But, I’m still a bit nervous about this 5 mile race.  I’m also a lot excited.

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