An Advent calendar of sorts

So, my Christmases are pretty minimal; low-key decorations, very few gifts and more time and presence as opposed to presents.

I also don’t usually get an advent calendar, but this year I’ve decided to do an advent countdown in my own way.  Everyday of advent, I’m going to put up a blog post naming something I’m grateful for.  It might be a one line note, or a quote, or a full blog post, it depends on the day and what it is I’m thankful for.

I just want to use this season to think back over this year of change and remember the things I’m grateful for, so I can approach Christmas and the new year with a full and happy heart.

In addition to my Advent posts, I’ll do my usual blogging about running, and readers are welcome to ignore my Advent posts if they so desire.  I use tags so it’s easy enough to find my running posts.

I’m looking forward to this season, and excited about using this time to reflect and practice a thankful heart.

Happy advent!

4 responses to “An Advent calendar of sorts

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  2. What a wonderful sentiment and so lovely to have found your blog. You are inspiring and I’m looking forward to hearing more from your advent calendar x

  3. Thanks for that Lara! I’m finding my advent thankfulness really helpful and fun! 😀 It hasn’t been hard to find things to be thankful for!

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