My ‘miserable’ chocolate-less life

I once told someone that I don’t eat chocolate. Her response was a shocked “You must have a miserable life!”.

Uh.  Well no, I don’t actually.  My life is pretty good, thank you very much.

It’s true that my life is chocolate-free. I haven’t had any chocolate in well over a year and that is entirely by choice.

But why did I decide to stop eating chocolate? Simple: because I have no discipline. Honestly. I’m not the kind of person who could open up a chocolate bar, have a square then put it away. Or the kind who opens a bag of chocolate cookies, has just one then closes then bag. I really had no moderation or self-control.  Not that I ate chocolate everyday or even every week. But when I did have some, boy did I ever have some!  I would eat the whole chocolate bar, no matter what size it was.  I’d eat an entire bag of cookies, regardless of how many were in the bag.

I’m an all or nothing kind of girl I guess. And since I had no self control around chocolate, I eventually decided I would be happier with nothing, than with all.

Sure there are times when I crave chocolate, times when I think I could have a chocolate bar and no one would know. But I would know. And it would ruin my ‘I haven’t eaten chocolate in over a year’ record.  To be honest, the longer I don’t eat it, the easier it is to stay not eating it.

Chocolate isn’t the only thing I don’t eat, it just seems to be the most surprising thing. If I say I don’t drink carbonated drinks, or caffeine, no one bats an eye. But if I admit that I don’t eat chocolate, wow does that ever throw people off! That’s when I get comments like the miserable life one, or looks of shock or even anguish. It’s actually kind of funny, the reactions I get. The next time I tell someone I don’t eat chocolate, I should have my camera ready 😀


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