The strange race of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: VHI Women’s Mini Marathon Race Report

I’m still thinking over my 10k race from yesterday, the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon. In truth, I actually ran two races yesterday and my race report could go either way. On one hand, I ran a bad race. On the other, it was a good race.

So which race report should I write for you readers? The positive one or the negative one?

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Absolutely, totally and in all other ways…inconceivable.

I’ve been planning and working on this post all week; my pre-10k race thoughts. There’s a lot going on in my life now, with a lot to think about but I’ll try and keep this short.

On Monday I’ll be running the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon (10k) race for the third time.  The first year I took part in this race I ran/walked it. Last year I ran the whole thing.

This year will be my first year actually racing it. Inconceivable? No…not really.

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40,000 butterflies in my stomach

A week from today I will be running the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, a 10k run open to runners, joggers and walkers. It will be a day of firsts for me! It’s my first year running this race, and my first time running 10k.

Every spring over the past few years it was guaranteed that someone, somewhere would ask me if I would be signing up for the mini marathon.  I’ve always said no.  Until this year. I must admit I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I’m super excited about it, on the other I’m feeling trepidation.
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