10 days to 10 miles

In 10 days time I’ll be running my first 10 mile race. the Frank Duffy 10 mile, part of the Dublin City Marathon Race Series. It’s also the longest race I’ll be running since I began Project Speedy. I know how 41 weeks of training in my legs.

Has it really been that long? When I decided to concentrate on speedwork training, last November, I wanted to give myself at least a year to conquer my goals. 41 weeks later and here I am. Boy, does time ever fly when you’re having fun

So far, it’s going well. I’m getting closer to achieving the times I want and feeling more and more capable of running the various training sessions my coach is giving me. I have PB’d every race since last year’s marathon, some of those in some seriously tough conditions too!

Racing is still nerve-racking for me though. There are so many unknowns; so many things that can happen on the day. I’ve been enjoying racing the shorter distances but 10 miles…that’s a long way. And this race is a tough course, with a long steep hill leading up towards the finish line.

It’s going to hurt.

In the lead up to a race I always feel apprehensive and nervous; will I make it, will I pace myself properly, will it hurt too much, will I hurl at the end?

But I also imagine myself on the course, moving along at a good pace, feeling comfortable and getting to the finish line, crossing it and celebrating.

In 10 days time I’ll put 41 weeks worth of training to a new test. I trust my coach, I trust the plan, I trust my legs. I think I’ll be ok.


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