So I have a 5 mile race on Saturday.  This Saturday. Like, less than 2 days away Saturday.

I am so unprepared for this. I haven’t trained the way I want to and this has been a really bad week.  I’m not ready, but, paradoxically, I’m not really worried about it.

So what’s going on?

Well, firstly, about a week after my 10k race, I ended up going for about two weeks without shoes. I couldn’t getting any running done, because let’s face it…it’s kinda hard to run without running shoes! Anyway, that’s a longer story for a different blog post! The good news is, I do have shoes now so I will be ok for the 5 miler.

Secondly, this week has been awful in terms of my sleep and rest. Starting Sunday evening I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and when I do sleep my dreams have been really disturbing. (For example, in one dream I was was being hunted down by these crocodiles that had human heads instead of crocodile heads. Yikes!)  So anyway, I am feeling tired and unrested this week, but still I’m unable to sleep so each day I end up feeling worse. Now, I’m used to not being able to sleep well, but this is a whole new level of not sleeping which I don’t need the week before a race!

Thirdly, with the lack of shoes and the tiredness, I haven’t been training the way I wanted to.  I have gone for shorter runs, and I’m improving my consistency with my pace, but I wanted to go for at least a couple of long runs and I’m feeling the lack.

So with all that, I’m feeling really unprepared for the 5 miles.  But, as I said, I’m not feeling too worried about it.

For some reason, when I think about the race and study the course map, I feel ok about it.  It’s in a beautiful park, the route may be difficult but it will be pretty, and I know I can do the distance as I’ve done it (and further!) before. The weather should be fairly decent for running and there is a water station during the race, and after (although I’m still bringing my own water bottle!).  So yeah, I’ve got a good feeling about it. I just hope I get at least one decent night sleep before then!

Keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck in the comments below! 😀 I sure could use some!


One thought on “worriednotworried

  1. You’ve probably already heard this, but: Don’t worry. It WILL be fine.

    Sleeping well is good preparation for a race, but it’s not the be all and end all. On the day, you’ll be motivated and excited by the people in the park, and everyone cheering you on.

    You’ve been running for quite a while now, so missing a couple of weeks raining won’t make much difference. Trust your fitness and your experience – your body knows exactly what to do.

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