You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers!

Inspired by the fabulous ASD & Si, I decided to see if a Q&A type blog post would work/be interesting.  I got some great questions from fellow runners on twitter so here goes!


Q1: I know you have a 10k coming up but after that what are your longterm goals?

A1:  Yes, I have a 10k race on June 2nd…I’m nervous and excited! Longterm, I plan to keep running and try and improve my pace and stamina.  I definitely see more 5k and 10k races in the future, after that we shall have to see how I get on! I don’t want to run before I can walk, if that metaphor makes sense?

Q2: can you tell us positive things that u have experienced in the real world, especially interaction with others.

A2: That’s a great question.  I have to admit at first I didn’t tell anyone in my ‘real life’ that I was running.  I didn’t want to be met with disbelief or incredulity. Eventually though I started telling people and the response has been so positive and encouraging.  Not one person has even remotely been disbelieving.  At work particularly I get a lot of support and encouragement from runners I know there, some of whom have run multiple marathons.  They are great at answering my questions and sharing their tips for training.  They accept me as a fellow runner.  Actually, speaking of work; for my December race, I raised €345 just from my work colleagues alone.  So all in all, my interaction with others, my friends and workmates, has been very positive.

ASD & Si
Q1: What distance do you want to be able to run?

A1: Basically, I just want to run further than my last furthest distance.  Right now, my longest run was 8km so now, I want to run 10k.  After I run 10k, I’ll want to beat that and so on.  I don’t want to set my sights too high too soon, and as long as I’m beating my previous record, I’m happy!

Q2: What do you love most about running?

A2: I love the confidence I get from running, I feel more empowered, and encouraged and happier in myself when I am running.  It’s an accomplishment I never thought I was capable of, so to find out that I AM capable of it has been one of the biggest, and most life-changing things that has happened to me.

Q3: And what do you hate most about running!?

A3: Oh gosh.  Good question! I hate feeling like I might be injured or aggravating an injury by running.  I think I’m paranoid about injuries so the slightest ache and twinge has me panicking.  Running is hard on the old bones! I hate that!


Q1: Okay here’s my question: When did you start running? 🙂

A1: I started running in July of 2013.  My first run was an interval run, and my first interval running was around 100m.  I ran from a lampost to a tree and to this day I always run past that tree with a bit of nostalgia.  I’ve come a long way since then!

Clair Ramsden
Q1: What has been your favourite and worst race and why?

A1: My favourite race without a doubt was the Movember Mo-Run, which I did in November 2013.  I ran the 5k and loved it! The Mo-Running team are great at pre-race interaction, they were really active on twitter with runners.  On the day the race was well organized with great atmosphere and some lovely gifts for runners.  I still wear the headband I got for running! I will certainly be running it again this November…maybe I’ll even do the 10k instead!

My least favourite race was the Aware 5k I ran in December 2013.  Maybe I was spoiled by my Mo-Run but this race had very little interaction and the atmosphere wasn’t as fun and friendly as the Mo-Run.  I don’t think I would run it this year.

Thanks for your great questions everyone! Hope you enjoyed my answers!


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