Aware 5k: There was good, bad and ugly!

This morning I ran my second-ever 5k, this time for Aware, a charity that aids people with depression.  It was an interesting morning all around, with lots to report, so let’s get on with it shall we?

What was good:

I was glad to see this race was the same course as the last time, it was good to be familiar with it and know what was ahead.

I lost count of how many fellow runners wished me well or gave me a thumbs up on the course (I wear my twitter name on my back, in case you’re wondering!)  I was encouraged each time someone greeted me 😀 If you are reading this, THANK YOU!  I also enjoyed meeting and chatting with other runners before and after the race.  Meeting people made the morning more fun!

My original strategy going into the race was to run from the start to the hill, walk that, then run the rest of the way to the finish.  As I began the race I kept my pace slow, but steady, and when I got to the hill I was feeling good so I just kept running! I ended up running the ENTIRE 5km! That’s a personal best for me, I’ve never before run that kind of distance!

I am not sure what my official time is, the results will be published in the paper on Monday, but as I ran towards the finish I could see the clock read 45:56.  I wanted to beat my time of 46:15 from my first 5k, so I actually sprinted across the finish line and made it in about 46:09ish.  I’m delighted!  (Edit: My official time was published in the paper the Monday following the race…My chip time finish was 45:28!)

Getting my second ever medal.  I am still surprised at myself, I have two race medals! Two! I love my medals!

Raising €425! Huge thank you to my generous co-workers and friends for donating for my run and believing in me!

What was bad:

I’m not at all an expert on how a race should be organized, but there were some things about the run today that were…confounding.  Like how the 10k started half an hour before the 5k which meant that in order to get to the 5k starting line, some of us had to cross the road the 10k’ers were already  running on.

Also, the 5k starting line was right next to the porta-loos, which I thought was a bit odd, once we lined up to start, the queue for the porta-loos got a bit lost!

The finish line was…well, kind of non-existent.  The set-up was not very conducive for spectators to stand and cheer people on.

Having to wait until Monday’s paper to get my time.  I guess I really was spoiled at my first race! It would have been nice to get my time right away!

There were a few other things I noticed but I don’t want to nit-pick! Like I said, I am totally not an expert at this and maybe these things didn’t twig with other runners.   I am a bit of a perfectionist I must admit, so maybe that’s it?

The ugly:

Oh, my, gosh.  The weather! All week it’s been mild and clear and dry, but the forecast for today was for gale force winds and rain.  Of course, the forecast has been wrong before so I was hoping and praying it would stay clear and dry! Unfortunately, it didn’t.  It was windy! Like, porta-loos and tents were blowing over in the wind! The rain held off until we started running, and it was misty and very clingy rain.  Still, that didn’t stop anyone and I’m really inspired by everyone who made it out to run today!

All in all, it was a great experience; I’ve learnt so much more about myself and what I’m capable of, that I’m starting to dream big for the year ahead!


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