Aware 5k: 3 days and counting!

This Saturday I’m running my second 5k race, the Aware 5k/10k Christmas run.  I’m excited about it but also nervous! It helps that this week has been a stressful one at work, I haven’t had much time to really think about it!

Ok, ok, I’ll admit, I’ve been thinking about this upcoming run a lot! But this time, I’m more excited than I am nervous.  That’s a good thing right?

I’m just not sure how prepared I am for this race.  I didn’t get out for my run on Monday like I wanted to, although I’m going to try and run this evening (provided I get home from work at a decent time!) but will keep it a short one.  After that, no running until Saturday!

My plan for the actual run is to:

a) have fun! I’m going to put my hair in my usual ‘run bun’ and wrap tinsel around it, I’ll wear my Christmas earrings and maybe a Christmassy t-shirt over my running gear.

b) Run the first 3.5k, walk the hill and then walk to the 4k marker then run the last k because…

c) I want to beat my time from my previous 5k, which was 46:15 so if I’m 46:14 I’ll be happy!

Other than that I hope to meet other runners and maybe meet up with a few twitter-ers too.  Keep an eye out for me, I’ll be wearing my twitter name on my back again!

On another note, I’m also absolutely speechless at the amount I’ve raised through fundraising.  Between my workmates and two very generous friends, as well as my awesome roommate, I’ve managed to raise €425.  WOW! I never expected to raise that much and there’s still three days to go! Of course, anyone is welcome to donate on my charity page, but no pressure, I’m delighted with the amount I’ve raised thus far!

Here’s hoping I do everyone proud on the day!


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