Aware 5k: 11 days and counting

10 days ago I posted about my plans for training for my next 5k (14th December).  I’ve actually managed to do better than I had hoped!

Last week I had planned to run 3k on Monday, 3k on Wednesday and 4k on Friday.  I am happy to report that I ran 3k on Monday and 4k on Wednesday AND Friday both!

This week, my plan was to run 3k on Monday, then 4k on Wednesday and 5k on Friday.  Unfortunately something came up on Monday and I wasn’t able to run at all (although I DID contemplate an early morning run, but more on that in a future post!).  The rest of the week is on track however, and I fully plan to run my 4k on Wednesday like I wanted to.  The 5k on Friday might be trickier, as I am finding that after 4km I still have jelly legs!

In the meantime, I’m absolutely delighted at having raised €385 so far for Aware, a charity that helps people through depression.  My friends and co-workers have been so generous; it’s wonderful!

I do have an online fundraising page, if anyone is inclined to visit and donate (as much or as little as you like!). No pressure however! Honestly if you wish me well on the day I’d be just as happy with that!

I’m looking forward to the rest of my training, and really excited about the run itself.  I’m not sure if there are medals handed out but just having another race to my name will be awesome!


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