Aware 5k: 20 days and counting

On December 14th I’ll be running in my second 5k.  As with my first, I’m a little nervous! But at least I know what I’m capable of, and that I CAN actually make a 5k, and in less time than I originally expected too.  I’m still grinning over that!

So why the countdown to my next 5k?

I have a plan, that’s why.  I’d like to run my next 5k in under the time I ran my first, 46:15.  If I run it in 45 I’d be delighted, just so long as it’s under the 46.

So for the three weeks I have until my run, I’ve decided here’s what I’m going to do.  I usually run 3 times a week so here’s my ‘schedule’.

Week 1:  Run 3k, Run 3k, Run 4k

Week 2: Run 3k, Run 4k, Run 5k

Week 3, Run 4k, Run 3k, Rest

Of course, each night’s run depends on how I’m feeling that night and I’m not going to injure myself trying to force a 4 or 5k run when I’m not up for it. I have to remember I’m still a relative newbie when it comes to running!

And everything I’ve read or heard tells me that it’s possible for runners to push to hard, run through injuries and end up laid up for weeks because they didn’t stop when they should have.  Me, I’d rather stop!

So, that’s my plan, and as long as it’s in my power I’ll stick to it, but I’ll be reasonable about it as well.  Sounds good right? It sure does to me!


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