Times, they are a changin’: MSB 5k Race Report

Race morning was a leisurely one. I got a bit of a lie-in as I only live a mile away from the start. I had my breakfast then spent some time reading and playing with my cats. I usually try to get to a race an hour early, but today the plan was to use the walk to the race as a warm up so I left later than usual.

This was the first race where I did a proper warm up, and I know it helped. Before today I was always afraid a warm up would use up too much energy, so I avoided it. Today, I knew that a warm up would help me get past that ‘first mile sucks’ hump so I did a very easy mile from my house to the start, then after I dropped my bag off and took my usual start line photo, I did a few strides which got the legs loosened. I felt pretty good when I went to line up for the start.

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‘Project Speedy’; full steam ahead!

Last December I started a new running project; my plan to work on speed and time over shorter distances. As I said in my previous blog post, 2015 was all about the distance; 2016 is all about the speed. My ultimate goals for the year are three-fold:

  • To run 5k in under 30 minutes
  • To run 5 miles in under an hour
  • To PB a 10k race this summer

Today I finished week 19 of Project Speedy and thought it was high time I posted an update here on how things are going.

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