Reconciling with Mr. Sandman

Dear Mr. Sandman,

We have history, you and I, but I’m hoping we can put it behind us and start over.  I can’t remember a time we ever got along, it seems we’ve always been at odds. From the times you refuse to visit, to the times when you do visit but I refuse to acknowledge you; we’ve never seen eye to eye. But I’m starting to realize just how important it is for us to reconcile.  As a runner, I need you! As a runner training 5 days a week and aiming to improve my speed, I need you more than ever!

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Take That, Storm Desmond! Jingle Bells 5k Race Report!

Well, this was it. The big test of my fitness and abilities since the marathon. The Donore Harriers Jingle Bells 5k Race.  I’d been told so many times that running a marathon would mean an improvement in shorter race times. In the days leading up to this race I was feeling anxious, because I didn’t want to run it and discover that nothing had changed. I wasn’t chasing a PB for the sake of a PB, but I really did want to see that I had improved as a runner and that I’d be able to give it my all in a race and see a difference.

If nothing had changed, I would have been so dejected and disheartened. So I went into the race a little bit afraid, a lot nervous but also very determined.

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‘Project Speedy’ is GO!

Before I started marathon training I was running a lot of 5ks and thoroughly enjoying them. Then marathon training took over and I focused my efforts on getting in the distance.  The last 5k race I ran was way back in March! Now that the marathon is done and over (it’s been 6 weeks already!) I’m back to training for 5ks, only this time I’m training to run them faster. I call it ‘Project Speedy’.

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This fat girl tweets!

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