Alcohol and marathon training?

I’m curious about what other runners training for marathons (or long races, ultras etc) do regarding alcohol and training. I’ve heard some people say they don’t drink any alcohol at all while training, others say they do. I don’t drink very much myself, a bottle of wine over a weekend once, maybe twice a month. Or I might skip the wine and have a bottle of my favourite ginger beer or pale ale instead. So I don’t think I’ll give it up yet, although I do think that closer to the marathon I’ll set alcohol aside until after the race. So what are your thoughts and habits? Take the poll and please do leave a comment to explain below!


The road so far (or; deciding to run a marathon)

“So why do you want to run a marathon?”

Someone asked me that recently, when I first told them I was going to run the Dublin Marathon.

My first response was: “To prove to myself I can.”

But, after the conversation was over and when I was on my own again, I began to think it over. I realised I had to change my answer.

The real answer is: “Because I can.”

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