On being a ‘real’ runner – Part 2

In my last post (On being a ‘real’ runner – Part 1) I questioned the things that ‘real’ runners seem to need to achieve before they can call themselves ‘real’ runners and wrote that I believe anyone who runs is a ‘real’ runner.

As I wrote that first post I realised that it is easier said than done, to call myself a ‘real’ runner just because I run. And I think that everyone who runs has some kind of goal or achievement in their own mind that, when reached, will enable them to finally call themselves a ‘real’ runner.

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Today I ran 9.05km in 1:20:41. I took yesterday’s lessons on board and tried again. So glad I did!

This fat girl and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run

I’ve heard runners talking about having a ‘bad’ run.  I’ve also heard runners say there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ run, that any run is a good one because you’re running.

And for the most part I agree.  While I’ve struggled on some runs, and had some problems on others, just getting out for a run is a superb thing.  But, there are times when things can go wrong on a run.  There are times when a lot of things can go wrong on a run.  And there are times when everything can go wrong on a run.

Today, I had one of those runs.

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Summer runnin’, happened so fast…

This spring/summer I have two races I’ve signed up for already. I feel a bit shocked though because I hadn’t planned on things happening this way!  Honestly I was going to focus on the big race, and train for that and once I had that under my belt I’d think about my next step.

So what’s up with my summer runnin’?
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You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers!

Inspired by the fabulous ASD & Si, I decided to see if a Q&A type blog post would work/be interesting.  I got some great questions from fellow runners on twitter so here goes!

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This fat girl tweets!

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