On being a ‘real’ runner – Part 1

Ever since I first saw a ‘real’ runner post on twitter, I’ve been confused.  It feels like these ‘real’ runner quotes are supposed to be motivational, and while I hope we’re not meant to take them too seriously, I find I still want to ask the question…isn’t anyone who runs a ‘real’ runner?  And why is being a ‘real’ runner such a big deal anyway, as if just being a runner wasn’t good enough?

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100km to inspiration

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’m a fan of @100kmtoBrighton. They are two guys who are training for a 100km run, more specifically from London to Brighton.  Yeah, you read that right: 100km.  Wow.  If you haven’t listened to their podcasts I highly recommend them.  ASD & Si are really fun, friendly, down-to-earth guys, and what they are trying to accomplish is really inspiring.

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This fat girl tweets!

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