Decisions, decisions…

A couple of weeks ago, just after my second 5k race, I was toying with the idea of signing up for a 5 mile race in January.  That’s 8k…a distance I have never run nor tried to run.  I asked around on twitter and I was told it’s doable, I would just have to work on my distance for the 6 weeks leading up to the race.  Essentially, I would have to add 500m to my run each week.

Believe me, I was seriously, truly, really, honestly considering it.  My only concern was, am I trying to do too much, too soon? I’ve only just been able to run 5k, are my expectations just a wee bit high maybe?  As I was considering it I was wavering more towards actually doing it, than not.

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Advent: 24th December

24th December:  Today I am grateful for my parents. For many, many reasons I could never fully name or explain.  I love them both very much.

Advent: 23rd December

23rd December:  Today I am grateful for the running community on twitter.  Everyone is so friendly and willing to offer encouragement, support and advice.  You’ve all made a difference in my life, thank you!

Advent: 22nd December

22nd December: Today I am grateful for how many kind, compassionate and caring people I know.

“I’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty…”

“I’ve got whosits and whatsits galore!”

Well actually, I don’t have a lot of gadgets and gizmos, not running ones anyway! But the big question on twitter amongst runners lately is ‘what running accessories do you what for Christmas?’ It’s a good question and the answers have introduced me to new gadgets and gizmos!

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Advent: 21st December

21st December:  Today I am grateful for all the inspiring people I have met and known in my life.

Advent: 20th December

20th December:  Today I am grateful for a chance to have fun and let the hair down.

Advent: 19th December

19th December:  Today I am grateful for my home.  It’s small, but cosy and has become my haven.

Advent: 18th December

18th December:  Today I am grateful for a gesture of appreciation for a difficult and stressful year at work.

Advent: 17th December

17th December:  Today I am grateful for memories of time spent with family this summer.  As an ex-pat living thousands of miles away from family, any time spent with them is wonderful and cherished.

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