Perpetually moving the goalposts

I’m the kind of person who likes to stack my goals; I line them up so when I achieve one, I have another goal waiting in the wings. I do this in all aspects of my life; personal, professional, and now physical.

In the simplest of terms, I like to always have something to reach for so I am always moving the goalposts.

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Training Log: 10/11/2014 to 16/11/2014

This week was one of the highlight weeks of my year! Running a sub-40 5k was a big achievement for me and I am still beaming for the joy of it!

Monday 10th November
A planned 5k for me today, last one before my race on Saturday. I felt good, strong and energetic but I still ran it fairly slowly. I admit this was NOT a boost to my confidence for Saturday’s race and my target time!
Distance: 5.10km
Time: 44.50

Wednesday 12th November
Last run before Saturday’s race. A slow and easy 3k.
Distance: 3.37km
Time: 28:45

Thursday 13th November
One hour workout, weights (upper body/arms) and core work. No spinning as I wanted to save the legs for Saturday.

Saturday 15th November
A very busy day in terms of activity! The highlight was the race, and running it in my target time (race report here)! I then walked home from the race and also had a one hour workout with my trainer (45 minutes weights/core + spinning).
Distance: 5km + 5km (walk) + 6k (spinning)
Time: 38.29 (PB!) + 50 mins (approx) + 10mins

Next week: recovery and trying out some advice on running a faster pace!

A Nemesis no Mo! Smashing a sub-40 5k at the Dublin MoRun!

A year ago this weekend I ran my first ever race, the 5k Mo Run. You can read my race report if you want, and you’ll see that I was pretty nervous for the race, but also excited. I ran/walked that race in 46:15.

This year I decided to run the 5k again, for nostalgia mostly but also to hit a target time that thus far, I have been unable to hit.

I wanted to run 5k in under 40 minutes.

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Training Log: 3/11/2014 to 9/11/2014

This was a kind of up and down week for me but in the end all is well and I feel good!

Monday 3rd November
After a fantastic rest day on Sunday I was ready to start the week with another early morning run! Felt myself lagging a bit and noticed my hamstring feeling a bit strained so, it was a bit of a struggle!
Distance: 5.08km
Time: 44.20

Wednesday 5th November
Nothing special about today, although I went for a shorter run as I felt I was overdoing it a bit lately. I’ve been foam rolling and stretching though.
Distance: 3.11km
Time: 27:42

Friday 7th November
Back to 5km today which felt really good.  I also went for a 4k walk afterwards! (long story!). Hamstrings seem fine, thankfully!
Distance: 5.12km + 3.97km (walk)
Time: 43:08 + 42.50

Saturday 8th November
35 minute spinning session + 20 minutes abs workout.
Distance: 18.4km (spinning)
Time: 35:56

Training Log: 27/10/2014 to 01/11/2014

This was a really brilliant week for my running and motivation.  I watched and cheered at the Dublin Marathon, and also ran a 5 mile PB.  All the activity this week was a real boost to my confidence and determination!

Monday 27th October
Today was the Dublin Marathon, and I ended up walking over 10km as I cheered at various spots around the city. With the walking and standing I was on my feet for over 7 hours, but it was worth it as the buzz from the race was amazing! It’s always such a inspiration to cheer at the marathon!
Distance: 10.1km
Time: 2.30.00

Tuesday 28th October
I wasn’t planning to run this morning, after the day of walking and standing previously. But I was in such a good mood and woke up early anyway, I thought what the hey!
Distance: 5.02km
Time: 44.25

Thursday 30th October
Another early morning run, nothing special to report. A little slower than usual though.
Distance: 5.33km
Time: 46.43

Saturday 1st November
Long run today, planned for 8km. Up early to fuel and hydrate, out the door early. Ended up PB’ing my 5 mile time by 3.06 minutes, and ran my first ever negative split.
Distance: 8.03km
Time: 1:08:06

Also, did a one hour workout, doing pilates and light weight lifting focusing on my arms and back.

A little something extra I’m adding to my blog

I decided to start posting a weekly log of my running and training.  I’ve started doing that on a running forum I post on, and I thought I might as well post it to my blog as well. As I said on the forum, I’m starting this training log both as a way to remind myself of where I’ve been and focus on where I’m going with my running goals, and also maybe to help motivate and inspire others who might have a similar story to mine.

Feel free to read, or ignore, my training logs, which I hope to post every Saturday or Sunday. Last week’s log will follow in my next post.

Auto Pause: Friend or Foe?

I’ve been asking myself that question for a while now, and I’m still not sure of the answer.

Like many runners, I use a tracker app when I go running. This app tracks my route and time, which then give me my overall pace. It also has this great invention called Auto Pause, where it pauses tracking me when I stop running and resumes when I do.   It’s great when I am forced to stop, like at a traffic light for example.

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Dublin Simon Fun Run: Happiness is an unexpected PB!

Today I ran my 3rd 5 mile race, the Dublin Simon Fun Run, and I surprised myself by running a PB!

Given that I was so unprepared and seriously down in training time, I had hoped I’d beat my previous 5 mile time but wasn’t aiming for it. I just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere and the race!

And you know what? I did all of the above!

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Y’all ready for this?

By the way…I have a race this Saturday which I’m so unprepared for! It’s the Dublin Simon 5 mile Fun Run and unfortunately I’m not really feeling capable of running 5 miles right now.  But, I’m feeling pretty positive about the race too, I’m not worried or nervous or anything. It did kinda creep up on me though! Time flies, right?

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Who am I and what have I done with myself?!

You may not remember my post from a long while back about why I run in the evenings. Nothing has really changed since then. I still don’t sleep well, I still have more energy in the evenings and I still enjoy letting go of my workday stress with an evening run.

But this week I did an experiment of sorts.  I went running at 6.30 in the morning. Twice!

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