Who am I and what have I done with myself?!

You may not remember my post from a long while back about why I run in the evenings. Nothing has really changed since then. I still don’t sleep well, I still have more energy in the evenings and I still enjoy letting go of my workday stress with an evening run.

But this week I did an experiment of sorts.  I went running at 6.30 in the morning. Twice!

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In which I talk about holidays, injuries and foam rolling

You might have noticed it’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post.  It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, in fact it turns out that I have so much to write about that I haven’t been able to write about anything! So many ideas; so little time!

But between holidays and injury I haven’t done much running lately, though it’s high time I wrote an update, so here goes!

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One year a runner

A year. I’ve been a runner for a year. I can’t even express how wonderful it feels to be able to say that!

One year ago today I stepped outside my front door and went running for the first time. I had no idea what running would do for me, and how things in my life would change.

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Challenging + Fun + PB = A Great Race! Irish Runner 5 Mile Race Report

Yesterday I ran the Irish Runner 5 mile race.  It’s part of the Dublin Marathon Race Series, and my second 5 mile race.

It was pretty awesome. I gotta say! Despite the torrential downpour at mile 4, it was one of the better races I’ve run.  I mean that both in terms of how it was organized, and how I did. By that I mean I’m excited to say I  finished the race with a PB!

But before I get ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning!
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So I have a 5 mile race on Saturday.  This Saturday. Like, less than 2 days away Saturday.

I am so unprepared for this. I haven’t trained the way I want to and this has been a really bad week.  I’m not ready, but, paradoxically, I’m not really worried about it.

So what’s going on?

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Workouts and crunches and weights, oh my!

Last week, I did something positively drastic.  I mean that in the literal AND metaphoric sense.

Last week, I put myself and my fitness in the capable hands of a personal trainer.

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The first time…ever I ran 10k! Flora Women’s Mini Marathon Race Report!

Today was, for me, a pretty special day.  Today I ran 10 kilometers for the first time ever. Yes, you read me right! I finally ran 10k!

In fact, not only did I run my first ever 10k, but in doing so I also ran the 10k Flora Woman’s Mini-Marathon for the first time!

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Confession: My biggest fear

Confession: One of my biggest fears is of tripping and falling into the road while running on city streets.  I’d be toast. I wouldn’t stand a chance.  Just the thought is giving me shivers!

40,000 butterflies in my stomach

A week from today I will be running the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, a 10k run open to runners, joggers and walkers. It will be a day of firsts for me! It’s my first year running this race, and my first time running 10k.

Every spring over the past few years it was guaranteed that someone, somewhere would ask me if I would be signing up for the mini marathon.  I’ve always said no.  Until this year. I must admit I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I’m super excited about it, on the other I’m feeling trepidation.
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Running to the voice in my head; Terenure 5 mile race

A wise person once said “The voice you listen to creates the reality you live in”.  I never felt the truth of those words as much as I did today.

This morning I ran the Terenure 5 mile race.  I finished with a chip time of 1:13:12.  All in all I’m pretty happy with my run, even though I was hoping to finish in 1:10:00.  It definitely wasn’t the slowest long run I’ve ever done, so progress is progress!

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